At Key 2 Sale our emphasis is on working hard behind the scenes to get a property looking its best before the For Sale sign goes up and your property goes live on the market. Presentation is such an important aspect to selling your home and could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.

Gail is passionate about ensuring your home presents to its best so you don’t leave money on the table. As a Certified Staging Professional, she has been trained in all aspects of home staging to ensure your home grabs a buyer’s attention from the moment they sight the photos on the internet right through to when they walk through the front door.

That combined with an extensive marketing plan ensures she will capture every buyers attention.

Countless times Gail has seen Vendors take thousands of dollars less because problems weren’t rectified before placing their home on the market, or the property wasn’t presented to capture it’s best attributes before showcasing it to potential buyers. Even in a tough market Gail always found buyers were willing to pay more for a “move in ready” house and these homes often sold faster. If there was work to be done even small jobs, buyers wanted a reduction on the asking price. Instead if Vendors made some initial outlay to attend to the issues before placing the property on the market they would have walked away with more money and a quicker sale.


I run a fine eye over your property before it hits the market!



It is a three step process used to prepare a property for sale to enhance presentation in order to secure an acceptable offer from a buyer. Often people believe that staging is for high end homes – staging can be utilised for any size property in any price bracket. Staging is cost effective. Paying to have your house staged professionally is LESS THAN the first price reduction OR another mortgage payment!


  • 95% of buyers start looking for a property on the internet and this is where they capture their first impression of the home. Home staging ensures the property photos are visually pleasing to attract buyers to inspect the property.
  • 90% of buyers cannot visualise the potential of a home; they cannot imagine themselves in a property when they look at it.
  • Buying is an emotional decision for most buyers and staging helps potential buyers see a house as a home they can live in.
  • It allows owners to sell their homes faster while securing equity in their home.
  • Reduces the stress of getting your home on the market.
  • Eliminates price reductions and buyers who chip away at the asking price.


We provide a step by step, room by room detailed report with our recommendations. You then have the option of executing all of the recommendations yourself or using our services.

The Work

This is where we complete the recommendations. You can do the jobs yourself or we can arrange for the work to be done using a handyman or tradespeople. Services that can be arranged include organising, decluttering, fixing, painting, cleaning, packing, storage etc.


Adding the WOW!!
We use existing furniture & furnishings you have in your home to its best potential to impress buyers and ensure your property stands out for all of the right reasons. We can also hire furniture for vacant properties if required.