Stage your fridge!!

From my years in real estate, there is one appliance in the home that could tell you so much about the people living there. Capturing their social engagements, cute paintings by the kids, up and coming appointments, what bills were due (or overdue for that matter) and what was needed on the next grocery shop.

Providing an amazing insight into their lives quicker than stalking their facebook profile, the fridge it seems can tell you a huge amount about the people living in the home. Which is why it still amazes me how many property owners with a for sale sign out the front, don’t bother to clean off the fridge before inspections.

Why such a big deal you may ask?

Firstly, a busy fridge with overlaps of papers everywhere looks downright messy. We all know that decluttering is such an integral part or property preparation when selling your home.

Secondly, leaving all those items on show is a huge violation of your privacy. You wouldn’t accept a facebook friend request from a total stranger so why leave personal items on show when you know visitors are going to be in and out of your house during the marketing campaign.

So the fridge is one appliance that you need to have clean before selling so that they only thing buyers see when they look at it, is their reflection!

Happy Selling


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