Doing the One Percenters!

If you are like me and you love your sport, you probably can’t help but get competitive when you step out on to your favourite sporting arena? You want to win – no one likes to lose. As a netball player for many years, the moment I hit the court I was always focused on doing my best to get the greatest result for my team. I played to my strengths and exposed the weaknesses of my opposition.

Like any good sports person, selling your home and obtaining a lucrative sales price comes down to your preparation for game day and the way you match up against the opposition. You need a great team behind you to ensure that you have every chance of winning.

Most home sellers immediately think to employ a professional photographer to visually capture the properties best attributes and a reputable agent to find that all important buyer, but before all of that, how many property owners think about about adding a home stager to their team??

Could you imagine going off to play in a Grand Final and leaving your best player on the bench?? Selling your home without employing the services of a home stager to assist you present your home only assists your competitors.

Whether you are a footballer, netballer, soccer or hockey player, I bet you can recall your coach asking you to do the one percenters to help you win the game – defending tightly, chasing the loose balls or shooting that all important goal, they are all one percenters. If they are not done, undoubtedly your game plan is going to crumble.

Selling a house is no different and the one percenters are the difference in selling quickly for an attractive price or sitting tirelessly on the market hoping for that illustrious buyer to one day appear, and if they do, the offer price can be quite hard to swallow.

In Mount Gambier it is still a buyers’ market and getting the one percenters right will assist you sell your home for a better price, in a shorter timeframe than the one down the road.

A home stager will ensure your home looks its very best before showcasing it to the market place. They will guide you to make the right decisions on what is required to have your home market ready, what repairs, cleaning or decluttering you need to do and add the all-important finishing touches to entice buyers to make attractive offers.

So the next time you think about placing your home on the market, pick up the phone and call a home stager. You will then hit the ground with a full team to ensure game day success!!

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September 26, 2016

Doing the One Percenters!